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Growing up, Jadecy and Jen would see each other no more than three times a year. For these chummy cousins, that was torture. Now in their 20s and more mobile, they made up for all of that lost time. Good food always accompanied their good times; eventually that good food became their good times. And soon after, Jiggles Catering was born.

Jadecy and Jen made two game-changing creations leading up to Jiggles: the dark chocolate flan, their twist on a classic dessert, and the croquembouche, a delicious piece of cream puff architecture.

Jadecy and her mom had been making flan for their family’s restaurant for several years. A little bored of the basic baked custard, Jadecy and Jen decided to twist this classic by attempting a chocolate version of this jiggly treat. One weekend in September 2011, with dark chocolate chips in hand, they dove in and what resulted was a tasty success.

Jadecy and Jen’s newfound kitchen prowess was well known to their friends and family. In February 2012, Jadecy’s friend asked her to make a croquembouche for her upcoming summer wedding. Jadecy couldn’t turn down the opportunity to make this celebratory French dessert and enlisted Jen as her partner in crime.

It was a big endeavour for the two home-chefs. Over three days, they whipped, creamed, baked and filled, and on the day of the wedding they proudly delivered the two-and-a-half-foot tower of cream puff goodness. Jadecy and Jen were in awe of what they created and knew that this would be the first of many edible wonders they’d work on together.

Named as an homage to what started it all, Jiggles Catering embodies Jadecy and Jen’s philosophies to food – putting together unexpected and new flavours, creating well-balanced beautiful creations, and ‘jiggling’ classic dishes to make food to complement all of life’s events. From a breakfast goodie to a midnight snack and little victories to milestone celebrations, they strive to make every occasion a yummy one.


the founders









Jadecy came a long way from being a fussy, snail-paced eater to an adventurous, try-anything-once food lover. It was a long journey considering she was intimidated by being in the kitchen. There was a lot for her to live up to with a mom that could make dirt taste good and an aunt with successful Vietnamese restaurants.

Baking came easy to Jadecy. She always looked for a reason to make sweets for her nearest and dearest. It became her favourite way to spoil her family and friends. On the other hand, Jadecy’s early cooking experience was limited to things starting with ‘instant’ or ending with ‘mix’. However, a slow job market after graduating university was the opportunity she needed to hone those underdeveloped skills.

Starting with simple online recipes to disassembling lobsters, Jadecy found her groove as an at-home chef. Now she saw the kitchen as her playground. The fulfillment of bringing her culinary ideas to life coupled with the satisfaction of sharing those creations made Jiggle Catering her best career choice.

As Jadecy works with her cousin Jen on Jiggles Catering, she is also attending George Brown College to further develop her baking and culinary skills. Learning and laughing along the way, Jadecy hopes one day everyone will have a little jiggle in their life.






Jen’s earliest memories are of family gatherings filled with the rich flavours of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. Ever the adventurous eater, you would never know Jen was the pickiest little eater preferring instant noodles and rice with soy sauce over pâté and pho. Time has changed this humble palette which now enjoys the complex and non-traditional flavour combinations often found on the Toronto food scene.

With a background in the biological sciences, Jen has always been curious about the way different elements interact and the resulting outcomes. This nicely translated into the kitchen from baking up decadent cheesecakes and rustic pies, to making creamy soups and succulent steaks. Jen’s approach to food was like any good science experiment starting with a desire to learn something new, a rough plan, quality ingredients, intricate techniques and a dash of luck. Jen is always looking to interpret and reinvent the classics into something new and is constantly inspired by her surroundings.

On the night the chocolate flan was born, she knew she and Jadecy were at the beginning of something big. Jiggles Catering represents their joint philosophy on food— that it is meant to add to any celebration filled with family and friends.